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discursive, experimental writings on sound, noise & voice ----- a speculative, conversational, accumulative, motley framework of studies on the arts & language ----- a group of people sat around a table compiling original texts with films, screenshots, quotes & samples ----- gathering links to archives & resources & releasing new audio works

some topics we’re thinking of include: the loudness war ----- artificial intelligence & improvisation ----- puns & etymology ----- object lessons & deschooling ----- "in conversation"s & active listening ----- auctions & limited editions ----- royalties & equal/equitable pay ----- listening habits ----- hauntology & myth ----- plagiarism & authorship ----- making strange (defamiliarization) & the uncanny ----- recorded football crowds ----- historical revisionism & decolonising the archive ----- the universal addressability of dumb things ----- paper trails & memory palaces -----

& we're looking for anyone to send us:

rambles, thoughts & voice notes ----- reviews & responses ----- itches & annoyances ----- scribbles & marginalia ----- objects that fall out of books ----- comic strips ----- text messages & conversations ----- songs & sounds ----- logs & film lists ----- horse heads & newspaper clippings -----

if you have something

please fill in our open SUBMISSION FORM with your name, email address, a short description of the idea & a link to someone else's work as a recommendation ----- if you are responding to a specific article please remember to quote the title in the "Other..." box of the multiple choice section ----- if you have any other queries send us an email at platesx5@gmail.com

"Yesterday, simultaneously reading Marguerite Duras: “To be without [a] subject for a book... is to find yourself, once again, before a book.” And John McPhee: “You begin with a subject, gather material, and work your way to structure from there.... not the other way round.”

"[Walter] Benjamin: “For the reader is at all times ready to become a writer. . . . consumers into producers, readers or spectators into collaborators” (“The Author As Producer”). [Roland] Barthes: “The Text decants the work from its consumption and gathers it up as play, activity, production, practice” (“From Work to Text”)."

- Moyra Davey, Index Cards

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